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Certified Management Accountant Requirements: Education and Experience

There are two additional criteria for receiving your Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification, in addition to completing the CMA exams. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us and HOCK UAE will be happy to assist.

Education Requirement

There are two ways to meet the education requirement:

  1. A three- or four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, or its equivalent.
    • International students can look for their university here:
    • Unaccredited degrees must be evaluated by an independent agency. A list of these organizations can be found at or Details on completing a degree evaluation can be found in the CMA Candidate Handbook.
    • If your college or university isn’t on the list of authorized institutions, contact the IMA for more information.
  2. A Professional Certification that Meets the Requirements
    • You may find a list of acceptable certifications here.
    • The IMA should receive an official letter from an appropriate certifying agency confirming your status as a qualified member. For further information, you can refer to the CMA Candidate Handbook.

Work Experience Requirement

Candidates for the CMA must have two years of  full-time work experience in management accounting or financial management. This requirement can also be met with four years of continuous part-time work experience. Candidates who do not have the required experience when taking the CMA exams have seven years to meet the experience requirement after completing the CMA exams.

For more information about the CMA exams, prerequisites, IMA membership, etc.: 

Download the CMA Exam Handbook for complete information on the CMA exams, including requirements, registration processes, exam fees, candidate resources, and learning outlines.  CMA Handbook (PDF).