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CMA Exam Registration

You must meet the education and experience requirements in addition to passing the CMA exams. Read on for more information. on our CMA Exam Requirements page.

Note: Joining the IMA is not required until you are ready to register for the exams.

for more information about IMA membership visit here: Join IMA page on the IMA web site.

We recommend that you postpone paying the CMA Entrance Fee and registering for the exam until 6-8 weeks before your first exam part, for two reasons:

  1. You have three years from the date you pay your entrance fee to complete both parts. So, by deferring payment of your entrance fee, you can allow yourself more time to complete your exams.
  2. If you wait too long, you may not be able to schedule your preferred day and time, particularly if you are taking the exam near the end of a testing window.

for more information visit here: CMA Exam enrollment page on the IMA web site.

You will be given an authorization number once you have registered for the exam. The authorization number is required to make an appointment with Prometric.

Review the Instructions to Candidates on what to expect on exam day as well as what you should and should not bring with you to the exam.

What If I Wish to Learn More About the CMA Exam, Including Its Requirements, Methods, And Other Details?

For full information on the CMA tests, including requirements, registration procedures, exam fees, candidate resources, and curriculum summaries, download the ICMA’s CMA Handbook (PDF). CMA Handbook (PDF). Some of the information on this website was compiled using the CMA Handbook.

Maintaining your CMA certification

Once you have earned your CMA certification, you must keep your IMA membership current and complete the required CPE each year. If you do not maintain your membership and CPE, your name will be removed from the IMA’s list of certified members.